The Tajik president’s official website says Dushanbe Mayor Rustami Emomali on February 23 presented projects for the reconstruction and further improvement of a number of streets, avenues and neighborhoods of the capital to President Emomali Rahmon.

He reportedly informed the head of state that within the framework of the municipal redevelopment plan of Dushanbe a number of streets and avenues and old neighborhoods of the capital will be reconstructed and improved.

In particular, the development of the left bank of the Dushanbe River, adjacent to Abdulahad-Qahhorov Street, from the intersection of Saadi Sherozi Avenue to the southern circular street, in an area of about 110 hectares, is planned in accordance with the norms of the facilities of the household and entertainment sector.

In the same way, Saadi Sherozi Avenue from the intersection of Nemat-Qaroboev Avenue to the west to the intersection of Jabbor-Rasoulov Avenue and the two sides of Ayni Avenue to the eastern exit of the capital will be reconstructed and improved in an area of 138.1 hectares.

Emomali Rahmon, for his part, emphasized that during the development of projects for the reconstruction of residential areas, the high demands of architectural art, the construction of all social and communication infrastructure, including schools and hospitals, kindergartens, service centers, sports and entertainment facilities, beautiful parks and alleys, as well as wide roads, electricity, lighting, water supply and sewerage networks and all other standards of modern urban planning should be taken into account.

He reportedly also instructed that residential buildings should not be planned too high.

Specific instructions and orders were also given regarding widening and beautifying the streets and avenues, improvement of both sides of the roads, construction of flyovers at large busy intersections.

It was emphasized that large trade and service centers and other necessary buildings and facilities should be built in all areas of the capital, including on its outskirts, so that people in all parts of the city have access to them and thus traffic jams in the central streets will be avoided to some extent.

The municipal redevelopment plan of Dushanbe includes the construction of modern buildings in the capital.  It is to be noted that the authorities have moved many historical buildings located in close proximity to the construction site for modern buildings.  Plans to demolish some of the most popular landmarks in Dushanbe have sparked outrage and city residents have repeatedly signed petitions addressed to the president and Dushanbe mayor.