As part of his official visit to Italy, President Emomali Rahmon on April 25 held a meeting with a number of Tajiks living in Italy, including Tajik students and employees of reputable organizations and structures located in this country, according to the Tajik president’s official website.

During the meeting, Emomali Rahmon reportedly asked about their living, education and work conditions.

“Tajik leader expressed interesting views on the increasing support and care of the Government of Tajikistan for improving the living conditions of our compatriots abroad, especially young people who are engaged in mastering sciences, arts and crafts abroad,” the Tajik president’s official website says.

Emomali Rahmon reportedly called the knowledge of foreign languages and mastering the nuances of modern technology the demand of time.  

It was emphasized that within the framework of the foreign policy of the country’s government and cooperation with the whole world, quotas for the continuation of education of young people and for migrant workers important documents regulating their stay are developed and adopted.

During the meeting, the Tajik president reportedly also reflected on the complex and rapidly changing world situation and called on the youth to be alert and love the homeland.