DUSHANBE, April 7, 2011, Asia-Plus - According to the Tajik MFA information department, two Tajik nationals still remain in unrest-torn Libya - Abdurazzoq Ikromov, the four-year student from the International Al-Da’wa Islamic University in Tripoli, and Abduhalim Odinayev, an employee of the personnel department at the Summa Company (Turkey). 

“The student, according to himself, remains in Libya because he is taking examinations and he plans to leave Libya in one and half or two months,” said Davlat Nazriyev, a spokesman for the Tajik MFA, “As far as Abduhalim Odinayev is concerned, he told our diplomats in Cairo that he lives in hotel in Tripoli and he is safe.”

He added that the Ukrainian Navy landing craft carrier Konstantin Olshanskiy on Tuesday embarked citizens of 15 countries from the Tripoli port.  “Among 70 foreign citizens that embarked on the Ukrainian ship there is Tajik national named Safarov,” said the spokesman.

According to the Ukrainian Embassy in Tripoli, citizens of the United States and the European countries disembarked from the ship in Malta, while citizens of the CIS nations will be carried to Sevastopol.

We will recall that 107 people, including 48 citizens of Russia as well as 59 citizens of Belarus, Tajikistan (six students), Ukraine and Uzbekistan were evacuated by a plane of Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations from Tripoli on March 30, to Tunisia

According to the Tajik MFA, there were 28 Tajik nationals in Libya, most of them students.

As it had been reported earlier, Tajikistan in February solicited Russian help in evacuating Tajik nationals from Libya, as Tajikistan does not have a diplomatic mission in Tripoli.  The Tajik Embassy in Cairo worked with the Russian Embassy there to help resolve the problem.  In the first weeks after the armed clashes began in Libya on February 15, 20 Tajik nationals were evacuated from there due to help of the Russian Federation.