DUSHANBE, April 20, 2011, Asia-Plus -- An ongoing special operation by security forces in the Rasht Valley led to the arrest of Mirkhouja Sharipov, 50, resident of the Samsoliq jamoat (community) in Nourobod district on April 18, Deputy Interior Minister, Saidkhon Jurakhonov told reported on April 20.

According to him, Sharipov resisted arrest and fatally wounded serviceman of the National Guard Safarali Ghaniyev, 21.  Assault rifle Kalashnikov with three magazines was reportedly found on the spot.

“According to our data, two members of Mullo Abdullo’s armed group have managed to escape on April 15 when the backbone of the gang was annihilated and security forces are continuing to hunt for them,” the deputy minister said.

According to him, the bodies of all the 17 militants that were killed during the operation have been identified.  The majority of them are residents of the Samsoliq jamoat in Nourobod district.

Among them are militant leader Abdullo Rahimov, widely known as Mullo Abdullo, eleven residents of the Rasht Valley, most of whom are residents of Samsoliq jamoat, including Ayomiddin Mannonov, Manouchehr Mannonov, Davlat Nouriddinov, Muhammad Davlatjon, Mahdi Sharipov, Lurtfullo Murodov, Merojiddin Murodov, Mirzoahmad Mahmadov, Lutfullo Nemat,  Sulaimonsho Mahmadshoyev, as well as two residents of Dushanbe Saidabror Azizov and Yovoni Azo, Roudaki resident Qurbon Obidov, Kulob resident Hamrokhon Ergashev and Qurghon Teppa resident Fakhriddin Kokulov, who was one of 25 detainees who escaped from the pretrial detention facility on August 23, 2010.

A large amount of weapons and explosives, including seven assault rifles Kalashnikov, sniper rifle, two Makarov pistols, grenade launcher, seven hand grenades and more than 700 bullets of different caliber, subversive literature and leaflets as well as a large amount of food, electricity generator, firewood, and two gas cylinders were reportedly found in the militants’ temporary camp that was located in mountain area between the villages of Sholei Poyon and Boloshahr.