DUSHANBE, April 27, 2011, Asia-Plus  -- A large amount of ammunition has reportedly been found in Dushanbe.

Mahmadullo Asadulloyev, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior (MoI), told Asia-Plus that 18 RGD-5 hand grenades, five F-1 hand grenades as well as 55 bullets of 14.5 mm caliber and 1,292 bullets of other calibers having become unfit for use were found in a refuse bin near the Sari Osiyo cemetery in Dushanbe today.

According to the Interior Ministry data, 443 firearms, including 102 assault rifles, 74 pistols, 72 rifles, 40 grenade launchers, as well as 179 explosives and large amount of bullets of different caliber have been confiscated or surrendered to police stations across the country since the beginning of this year under the ongoing weapons collection.  The campaign to urge people to surrender weapons was launched in December 1994.