DUSHANBE, December 2, 2011, Asia-Plus -- On November 30, 2011 the U.S. Embassy’s Office of Defense Cooperation issued more than $ 1,000,000 worth of individual equipment consisting of personal protective gear, cold weather clothing, and tactical gear to the special operation groups of Tajikistan’s security agencies, press release issued by the U.S. Embassy on December 2 said.

This individual equipment will be used by more than 300 Tajik security personnel during the training program that is currently being conducted by American trainers at the Fakhrobod Military Training Center.

The equipment will enhance the capability of the Tajik Special Forces to secure Tajikistan against drug traffickers and extremist elements.  Major Lennol Absher, Assistant Chief of the Office of Defense Cooperation, represented the U.S. Embassy at this event.

Major Absher commented, “The Tajik Special Forces are a professional and formidable force which have demonstrated a willingness to train hard to improve their capabilities. I am honored to be able to support them.”

He also stated that the equipment will significantly improve the Government of Tajikistan’s efforts to engage violent extremist elements.  This donation is one of the many assistance projects the U.S. Embassy provides Tajikistan’s armed forces.  Since 1992, the American people have provided more than $984 million to support economic growth, democratic institutions, health care, education, and security in Tajikistan.