A Tajik citizen whose name is not called was detained at Koltsovo Airport in Yekaterinburg for the presence of 500 pieces of beads and shawls weighing 21 kilograms.

According to information and analysis center Uralbusinessconsulting, referring to the Koltsovo customs, on the explanation of the citizen of Tajikistan follows that she was carrying the bought goods for gifts to her friends in Magnitogorsk, but did not know that the goods had to be declared.

The edition explains that according to the Russian legislation, such quantity of products (more than 500 pieces) can not refer to a product intended for personal use. In this regard, the customs officers issued a ruling on an administrative offense for "Not declaring or unreliable declaring".

The sanction of this article provides for a fine for citizens and legal entities in the amount of half to two times the value of goods that were objects of administrative violation. The products can be confiscated. Now the goods are evaluated by customs experts.