Special services of Tajikistan, Iran, China, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia and Uzbekistan have called on the international community and international organizations to develop and common approach to solving Afghanistan problems.  

Representatives of special services of these countries gathered in Dushanbe yesterday to discuss the current situation in Afghanistan and its possible impact on the region.

A statement adopted by the meeting participants, in particular, notes the importance and necessity of forming an inclusive government, taking into account the interests of all ethnic, social and confessional groups, according to Khovar.    

The parties noted the complexity of the situation in Afghanistan, where terrorist acts and other violent actions continue, entailing numerous human casualties.

There is tendency to involve young people of various nationalities in international terrorist organizations, due to the complexities of the processes taking place in the country, the statement says, noting that there is threat that international terrorist organizations might use the breakdown of law and order in Afghanistan.

In order to settle the situation in Afghanistan, it is necessary to use the platforms of international organizations, whose members include participants of the meeting.

The meeting participants call on international organizations and interested states to develop a common approach to solving the problem of Afghanistan, to support efforts aimed at establishing law and order in this country, creating an inclusive government, preventing further escalation of tension and violence, and jointly combating international terrorism.