The Second Western District Military Court of Moscow has sentenced Tajik national Khoushqadam Solehov to 21 years in prison.

Komsomolskaya Pravda says the sentenced followed his conviction on charges of terrorism.  Solehov was reportedly found guilty of organizing a clandestine cell for committing terrorist attacks in Moscow.  

“During the investigation, the guilt of Solehov was fully proven.  The convicted person confessed to the facts of his criminal activity," the investigation says, noting that members of the clandestine cell organized by Solehov were arrested by officers of the Federal Security Service of Russia (SFB) in 2016, while Solehov himself was arrested in October last year.  

Members of Solehov’s gang have also got lengthy jail terms.  A large number of hand grenades, assault rifles and improvised explosive devices have reportedly been confiscated from them during the investigation.