DUSHANBE, February 17, 2012, Asia-Plus -- Russia''s migration chief says Moscow has no plans to introduce a visa regime for fellow member states of the CIS, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Radio Liberty reports.

In an interview with the Russian government publication Rossiiskaya Gazeta , Konstantin Romadonovski said Russia in fact intends to relax its migration regulations for those who come to work legally and speak Russian.

Currently, the majority of migrant laborers in Russia come from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, and millions of households in Central Asian and other ex-Soviet states depend on remittances sent from Russia.

Russian politicians and officials often suggest ending visa-free regulations with Central Asian countries.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is seeking election as president next month, recently said, however, that visa regulations could risk Russia losing influence with ex-Soviet countries.