DUSHANBE, February 20, 2012, Asia-Plus – An international conference entitled “Development of Islam in Central Asia: New Trends, Problems and Solutions to Them” is taking lace in Dushanbe on February 21.

Organized by Media Group “Asia-Plus,” IslamNews.tj Project and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the conference is expected to bring together Tajik and foreign experts, representatives from the Committee on Religious Affairs (CRA) and Islamic organizations, as well as MPs and journalists.  Representatives from diplomatic missions and international organizations active in the country have been invited to attend the conference as guests.

The event is aiming to discuss the role of Islam in the modern Tajik society and in the future of the country.  The conference is also dedicated to promote strengthening of dialogue between the state and religion.

The Asia-Plus director general Umed Babakhanov notes the conference participants will have an opportunity to discuss the current religious situation in the country, trends in development of Islam in Tajikistan, existing problems and possible solutions to them.

“Whether someone likes this or not, it is fact of the lift that influence of Islam has been continuing to steadily grow in the country in recent years,” said Babakhanov.  “Is it good or bad?  Should we fight this trend or uphold it? What Tajikistan we want to see tomorrow and what role will Islam play in it?  Is Tajikistan threatened by religious radicalism and how to prevent it?  It is obvious that it is impossible any more to act as if these questions do not exist.  It is necessary to discuss them  openly and that is why we want to initiate discussion of this subject.  “Asia-Plus” and the IslamNews.tj Project hope for understanding and support for our initiative both from the governmental bodies and religious organizations of Tajikistan.”