KHUJAND, February 20, 2012, Asia-Plus  -- The Sughd local authorities are continuing to provide humanitarian aid to the village of Sarvaki Bolo, which is Tajik exclave surrounded by Uzbek territory.

A source at the Sughd regional administration says humanitarian aid was delivered to the village, which is subordinate to the Punuk jamoat, Asht district on February 18.

The assistance reportedly included more than 4.4 tons of food products, building materials for construction of a new rural first aid station and 1,100 somoni worth of medicines. 

It is to be noted that it was not the first humanitarian aid provided to this village with 530 residents.  We will recall that a working group comprising representatives from the Sughd regional administration, Asht district administration, border operational group “Sughd” and the Sughd social protection department delivered 5,500 tons of wheat flour, 550 kilograms of vegetable oil, as well as medicines, books, and doors and windows for residential buildings under construction in November 2011.

On April 10, 2011, Uzbek border guards reportedly closed the road connecting the village of Sarvaki Bolo and the administrative center of the Punuk jamoat in the Asht district.