DUSHANBE, February 22, Asia-Plus -- Islamic Revival Party (IRP) leader Muhiddin Kabiri has offered to begin a new dialogue between the government and opposition.

Speaking at an international conference entitled “Development of Islam in Central Asia: New Trends, Problems and Solutions to Them” in Dushanbe, Kabiri noted on February 21 that debates on role and significance of a mosques as a religious institution are still going on in Tajikistan.

“We have built our religious institutions on the basis of principles of other religions,” said Kabiri.  “The meaning of mosque differs from the meaning of church in Christianity, and therefore, we should decide on our categories and religious institutions.”

IPR leader considers that one of the main problems existing in the country is lack of dialogue inside the society itself.

“When we speak about dialogue, we must decide on its format and who it will be conducted with,” said Kabiri.  “I have not seen the more efficient dialogue than inter-Tajik negotiations so far: we had concrete tasks – to stop the war and we stopped it.  But what tasks do we have now? Currently, we are conducting dialogue just for dialogue.”

“Dialogue in Tajikistan has decreased to the lowest level.  This year it will be the 15th anniversary of signing of the General Peace Agreement.  Why don’t we start a new phase of the dialogue, review the old agreements and set and solve new tasks?”