The famous restaurant life portal announces the rebranding.

«Today I officially announce the rebranding of into a modern, new project Gastronom, which, like the old project, will delight residents and guests of the capital with interesting stories from the restaurant world», - said the founder and co-owner of the portal Parviz Ruziev.

At the same time, he noted that he leaves the project to his partner, and this site will also work, as before, only without his participation.

He noted that the Gastronom project provides an opportunity to book a table, order food in the best restaurants in the capital. Also, the new portal allows restaurateurs who understand the intricacies of gourmet food to share their secrets. There will also be exclusive and hot offers from restaurants, innovations in the restaurant industry.

Parviz Ruziev emphasizes that the new project will keep pace with the times and develop the restaurant industry.