An opening ceremony of a memorial plague for an evacuation hospital on the building of School No 2 in Mirzo Tursunzoda jamoat of Shahrinav district took place on May 4.  During the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, Evacuation Hospital No 2949 was located in this building.  

The opening ceremony was attended by Russian Ambassador to Tajikistan Igor Lyakin-Frolov, senior representatives of the Russian military base deployed in Tajikistan, Shahrinav district chairperson Jabbor Nosirzoda, teachers and students of School No 2 as well as residents of Shahrinav and Cheptura.  

Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador Lyakin-Frolov noted that 29 evacuation hospitals had operated in Tajikistan during the Great Patriotic Ware of 1941-1945.

“In Stalinabad (Tajik capital was known as Stalinabad from 1929 to 1961) alone, tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers received medical care,” Russian diplomat noted.

The school principal, Ms. Gulbahor Rajabova, for her part, noted, “The memorial plague is devoted to medical personnel who worked in this hospital during the Great Patriotic War, cured, saved lives of Soviet soldiers."  

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Shahrinav district chairperson Jabbor Nosirzoda said, “This event is a link between times and generations.  This is a good deed.”  

“Unfortunately, we are the last generation that sees living veterans, therefore, our duty is to remind the youth and the rising generation of everything that was connected with the feat of the Soviet people during the war years.  After all, the revived memory of the war is, first of all, vaccination against indifference and amnesia,” historian Ghafour Shermatov noted in his speech.