Tajikistan Competitiveness Enhancement Project:

Selection of a Firm to conduct Baseline Survey

The Tajikistan Competitiveness Enhancement Project (TajCEP) is working to enhance competitiveness in tourism and textile sectors through removing impediments at national and sector level. One of the prioritized activities is improving and enabling better regulatory regime. For this, TajCEP is implementing economy wide reforms aimed at simplification of (1) inspection regime through decreasing in number of inspections, (2) permits and licenses regimes by streamlining procedures, converting permits into notifications etc.

One of the areas of project’s activities in economy wide reforms is introducing the e-Services for Business in Tajikistan that will consist of three main modules: (1) e-Inspections that will allow to plan and fins results of inspections on-line, (2) e-Permits that will allow on-line application for licenses and permits, and (3) e-Registry that will contain information on all permits and licenses issuing procedures.

The success of the reforms will be measured by compliance cost savings the business will have after project completion. To understand the baseline for calculation compliance cost savings TajCEP is looking for the Firm that will be able to conduct the baseline survey among business across Tajikistan.

By now TajCEP is issuing this request for expression of interest to select a firm to conduct a survey among 1000 businesses operating in Tajikistan (Dushanbe, Sughd, GBAO, districts of republican subordination) where 300 business of those, who received permits/licenses or was inspected, to find a baseline for compliance cost savings to be calculated upon project completion.

Qualification Criteria

Qualifying firms should meet the following criteria:

  • Team leaders of a firm will have 5 years of experience in conducting surveys;
  • Demonstrated skills in research and analytics;
  • Strong communication skills in English, Tajik and Russian;
  • Provide qualified staff to conduct interviews in Dushanbe in regions;
  • Strong local presence and ability to mobilize team of qualified staff for the task.

Submission Requirements

Please submit a document of no more than 1-2 pages outlining the legal status, experience, and fulfillment of criteria in English directly to Electronic Submissions through World Bank Group eConsultant2 at: 

 Selection # 1281037 ” Licenses/permits baseline Survey for Tajikistan”   or$h=1652851019710

The deadline for submission is  May 30th, 2022.  

For questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Following a review of submissions, a term of reference will be shared with those firms that are short-listed.