The national team of Tajikistan, led by Croatian specialist Petar Segrt, beat the Trinidad and Tobago team with a score of 2:1 in the semifinals of the 48th international «King's Cup 2022» tournament in Thailand and reached the final of the competition, Football Federation of Tajikistan reports.

In the match with Trinidad and Tobago, our team lost after the first half with a score of 0:1, but after the break they managed to turn the tide of the meeting. Goals by Muhammadjon Rakhimov in the 47th minute and Ehsoni Panjshanbe in the 75th minute brought our team a strong-willed victory.


In the final of the King’s Cup 2022 tournament, the rival of the national team of Tajikistan will be the Malaysian team, which in the 1/2 finals defeated Thailand.

The final game between the national teams of Tajikistan and Malaysia will be held on Sunday, September 25, at «The 700th Anniversary of Chiang Mai» stadium in Chiang Mai and will start at 20:30 local time (18:30 Dushanbe time).