An abuser rehabilitation center has opened in Khujand, the capital of the northern province of Sughd.  To-date, this center is still an office in one of Khujand-based polyclinics, where a psychologist and a lawyer work in shifts. 

Here they are trying to return to normal life those who are used to solving problems by force, using various methods of violence.  

The Center began operating in Khujand in November last year.  The opening of the Center was timed to coincide with an annual international campaign “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.”  

The Center specialists have been trained according to modern methods, adopting the successful experience of Western countries. 

Among the visitors are people who use physical, psychological or any other type of violence.

“This behavior is typical for men, women, and children,” Ms. Muharrama Rahimova, who works as psychologist at the Center, told Asia-Plus in an interview.   

“Aggressive behavior can also manifest itself in children.  Usually it is school bullying, when there is bullying, harassment, intimidation among peers,” Muharrama Rahimova noted.  

The Khujand abuser rehabilitation center is the second center of its kind in Tajikistan; the first such a center has opened in the city of Levakant, Khatlon province.