The Embassy of Turkiye in Dushanbe has announced collecting help for the quake victims in Turkiye.

The earthquake’s death toll has risen to 2,921 in Turkiye.  Besides, 15,800 people have been injured as huge earthquake hits the country early Monday morning.   Ankara declared seven days of mourning for the dead. 

“Request to those who want to help the earthquake victims, please send the below-mentioned things to the Embassy of Turkiye in Dushanbe by the address: 17/2 Roudaki Avenue, Dushanbe. 

“If possible, please bring things in transparent bags with a list of contents,” a source within the Turkish Embassy told Asia-Plus.  

According to him, the collected aid will be urgently sent to Turkiye by Turkish Airlines free of charge.  

What help can be provided: blankets, tents; pocket warmers; sleeping bags; winter clothes (jacket, coat, gloves, hats, etc.); over-the-counter medicines.

Meanwhile, a 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck the central part of Turkiye today morning, at 6:13 am local time and its epicenter was в57 kilometers from the city of Adymayan with population of 223,000 and 5 kilometers from the city of Gel’bashi with population of 28,000.