So far, four people, including three children, have been saved by rescuers from Tajikistan in the earthquake-hit Kahramanmaras province of Turkiye.

On Saturday February 11, Tajik rescuers pulled a man his six-month-old son from the rubble of a collapsed of a building, says a statement released by the Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan.

According to the statement, they lasted under the rubble of the building for six days.

Turkiye’s Anadolu Agency (AA) reported on February 12 that Tajik rescue workers have found and pulled a 3-year-old baby from the rubble of a collapsed building Kahramanmaras province.

His name is Yavuz and he was reportedly rescued 158 hours after the earthquake.

The boy was hospitalized  

AA also reported on February 12 that Tajik have rescuers saved a four-year-old boy, pulling him from the rubble of a nine-story building.  He was reportedly rescued 151 hours after the earthquake.     

The operation was carried out with use of special devices for detecting people under rubble, according to AA.

The boy was hospitalized.   

Recall, a team of 50 Tajik rescuers arrived in Turkiye’s Kahramanmaras region early Thursday.

According to the Emergencies Committee, rescuers brought with them the necessary rescue equipment designed to carry out search operations and save victims.  

This is the first time that rescuers from Tajikistan have traveled abroad to provide assistance and participate in disaster relief efforts, the statement said.

A devastating earthquake of 7.8 on the Richter scale hit Southern Turkiye in the early hours of 6 February (4.17 a.m.), with epicenter in the Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaras province.