As part of the talented youth support project, the Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC)  Orienbonk has launched a free blogging course under support of Omuzi TV and Parking.   

According to Orienbonk, twelve talented and promising bloggers will take the one-month course, during which they will learn the basics of blogging, personal brand development, the art of storytelling and content development. 

Known blogger Firouz Karachayev @smuzi_tv and Maktoub Marketing CEO, New Radio Director Khoubon Orzouyeva @orzueva.khubon are the course curators.

More than 150 people have reportedly applied for taking the course; more than 50 of them were selected during the second stage, and 12 of those 50 were competitively selected for taking the course.  

The main objective of the course and the Orien Arcade project is reportedly in uniting creative and purposeful teenagers and young people.  

Orienbonk notes that development of their personal and leadership skills, talents and skills in various areas will contribute to the development of society as a whole. 

Orienbank is one of the oldest banks in Tajikistan, and one of its largest financial institutions.