Russia's Interior Ministry is preparing a bill that would oblige foreigners entering the country to sign a "loyalty agreement" that would bar them from discrediting official policies, the TASS state news agency reported early today.

Citing the document, TASS says the agreement would be aimed at protecting Russia's national interests.

The stipulations of the agreement are far-reaching, with a blanket prohibition for foreigners against participating in activities that could undermine or cast a negative light on the government’s actions, policies, or officials.

Distortion of the "historical truth" about the Soviet people's defense of the country and its contribution to the victory over fascist Germany in World War Two would also be prohibited, TASS reported.

The draft law reportedly provides that foreigners would be prohibited from disparaging or inciting the denial of significant moral values, such as marriage as a union of a man and a woman, family, as well as from disseminating propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships.

The aim is to inhibit external influences from engaging in any form of protest or criticism that could be interpreted as interference in Russia’s domestic affairs. 

The Russian Interior Ministry notes that by signing the “loyalty agreement”, the migrant confirms his awareness of the consequences of non-compliance with the established rules, agrees not to cause damage to Russia.   

For the draft to become law, the document has to be introduced to the State Duma, Russia's lower house of parliament, and go through committee review and several readings before being submitted to President Vladimir Putin for signing.