It is proposed to introduce a 10-point grading scale for secondary schools in Tajikistan.

The press center of the Ministry of Education and Science (MoES) notes that this issue became a key topic an extended meeting of the working group held by the Minister of Education and Science Rahimjon Saidzoda on January 9.   

The event reportedly brought together leading specialist and heads of regional education departments.

 Asadullo Najmiddinzoda, Director of the Research Institute for Education Development at the Academy of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan, presented the draft guide on introducing the 10-point grading scale in educational institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan.  

Rahmonali Mirzozoda, Director of the Republican Educational and Methodological Center, reportedly shared his ideas and suggestions regarding assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities of students in pilot educational institutions.  

Speaking at the meeting, the minister of education and science noted the necessity of carrying out reforms in the education sector and the importance of transition to a new system of evaluation of school students, according to the MoES press center.   

The 10-point scale will replace the current five point grading scale in Tajikistan.