An electronic library (w-library) with access to more than 5,000 books of educational, popular science and fiction literature and legal documents in Tajik, Russian and English languages has been launched in Dushanbe-based schools, according to the Dushanbe Main Education Directorate.     

An official source within the Dushanbe Main Education Directorate notes that one of the important features of the library is its accessibility through schools’ computers. 

“It [e-library] has already been installed in database of schools’ computer classes that allows students to use the library,” the source said. 

According to him, another feature of the program is the section "Recommended Literature for National Contests", which includes literature recommended for participation in republican contests.  

“The main objective of this program is in creating favorable conditions for teachers and students of general educational institutions to get access to a variety of educational, fiction and scientific literature,” the source added. 

The electronic library was reportedly developed based on government regulations of 2011 on the concept of formation of the e-government in Tajikistan and on the concept of transition to digital education for the period until 2042.