270 young people from Tajikistan – bloggers, singers and sportspeople – will participate in the World Youth Festival that will take place in the Russian Federation next month, according to the Committee for Youth and Sports Affairs under the Government of Tajikistan (Committee).   

An official source within the Committee says that there are 30 teens among them. 

“The candidates have been competitively selected through a special online contest in which more than 2,800 people participated,” the source noted.    

He further added that the festival, which will take place in early March, will become the foundation for friendship and mutual enrichment of cultures and traditions of different peoples.  

Russia is expected to host the World Youth Festival next month.   Russia’s Foreign Ministry says it is planned that 10,000 Russian citizens and the same number of foreigners will participate in the Festival.

The main events will take place from March 1-7 in Sochi (in the federal territory "Sirius"), and from March 10-17 a regional program will be held: foreign participants will visit 30 cities in Russia.

Citizens of the Russian Federation, permanently residing in the territory of another country, aged from 18 to 35 years at the time of the Festival and citizens of foreign countries aged from 14 to 35 years at the time of the Festival will participate in the event.