The number of vehicles has significantly increased in Tajikistan in recent years.  However, the country still lags behind its neighbors in terms of the number of private cars per capita. 

The Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan (MoT) has published several statistics on the number of vehicles in the country.

As of March 1, 2024, 666,074 vehicles of different types were registered in Tajikistan; as of March 1, 2023, 601,136 vehicles were registered in Tajikistan; and as of March 1, 2014, 38,939 vehicles were registered in the country.  

According to statistical data of a MoT, 562,000 passenger cars have bene registered in the country to date.  261,000 passenger cars were reportedly registered in Tajikistan in 1991. 

The MoT recalls that the ban on the import of vehicles manufactured before the year 2013 was introduced in Tajikistan in the fall last year.  

At the same time, the import of electric cars into the country has reportedly increased.  About 1,500 electric cars were imported into Tajikistan last year.  The government plans to bring the share of electric vehicles in the country to 20%-30%.

According to data of the World Bank, Tajikistan ranks 154th globally and is in the last place among the CIS member nations in terms of per capita ownership of car. 

In Tajikistan, there are 55 cars per 1000 inhabitants, or only every 18th resident of Tajikistan has his own car. 

For comparison, there are 395 cars per 1000 inhabitants in Russia, 226 in Kazakhstan, 201 in Kyrgyzstan, 102 in Turkmenistan, and 87 in Uzbekistan.    

It is to be noted that Tajikistan mostly imports used vehicles, and, accordingly, the prices for them are much lower than for the new ones.  Motor vehicles, mainly passenger cars, are imported from the Baltic States and Europe.  In the market of heavy-duty vehicles the leading place is occupied by Chinese manufacturers.