Russia will strive for achieving a just settlement at the UN Security Council of the situation in the Middle East, said here on Wednesday Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Yakovenko, speaking with Russian reporters.

He participates in the work of the UN Security Council. “The situation in the Gaza Strip is very serious, and now the Council is looking vigorously for a way out of this situation,” he said. Closed consultations at the Council started at 15.00 local time.

“The Council has on its agenda the draft of an Arab resolution, and the Council would discuss moves which the Council can take,” the Russian diplomat continued. The question on possible adoption of a statement by the UN Security Council president is also under discussion.

According to the deputy minister, members of the UN Security Council are in agreement that it is necessary to reach a sustainable ceasefire in the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli confrontation from both sides. It is also necessary “to avoid a humanitarian disaster and open control passage points” in order to render humanitarian support for residents of the Gaza Strip,” Yakovenko continued.

“The Council actively discusses the initiative by Egypt and France, which they put forth and which enjoys wide enough support at the Council,” the high-ranking diplomat noted. “It is important now to record this initiative in writing. Delegations will be preoccupied with this work during informal consultations at the Security Council,” the diplomat added.

Asked when an opening meeting of the Council is held where it can take some decision on this question, Yakovenko stressed that this would depend on the results of consultations.