A draft resolution containing sanctions against North Korea over Pyongyang''s recent nuclear tests has been submitted to a closed session of the UN Security Council, a diplomatic source said Wednesday.

The six-page text, coordinated by the five permanent members of the council - Russia, China, the United States, France and Britain - as well as Japan and South Korea, is expected to be approved by all Security Council members.

The measures proposed include inspection of North Korean vessels in open sea, although that would not be compulsory. The United States had insisted that the resolution demand UN members hold such inspections without fail.

Russia''s UN envoy said after the session the draft resolution ruled out the use of force.

"The resolution excludes any use-of-force measures for solving the problems that have arisen," Vitaly Churkin said, adding that the resolution also left the door open to resuming negotiations and contained the possibility of revoking the sanctions.

North Korea carried out a nuclear test on May 25, a move condemned on the same day by the Security Council, which decided to urgently formulate a relevant resolution.

The five-plus-two format talks, involving the permanent members, Japan and South Korea, were held for over two weeks.

After unsuccessful attempts by diplomats to coordinate specific measures to influence Pyongyang, Churkin said last week that although the resolution would contain sanctions, it would not aim to impose an economic embargo on North Korea.