Talks between Honduras'' interim government and representatives of ouster President Manuel Zelaya have again broken down in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, who is leading mediation efforts, offered a 12-point plan demanding Zelaya be reinstated to his post beginning on Friday and offering full amnesty for those who ousted the president.

The plan also suggested presidential elections in the country be held one month earlier than the scheduled elections on November 29.

The interim government rejected proposals on Zelaya''s reinstatement, once again saying it was totally unacceptable.

The Honduran military arrested Zelaya on June 28, the day polls were due to open for a nonbinding referendum on the extension of the non-renewable, four-year presidential term of office, and flew him to Costa Rica.

He attempted to fly into the country on July 5, but was stopped after police and troops blocked the runway. He pledged to return to Honduras by this weekend.