More militants of ISIS Khurasan, the offshoot of terror group in Afghanistan, have reportedly surrendered to Afghan forces in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province.

Khaama Press news agency reported yesterday that according to a statement released by the provincial government, a group of 4 ISIS militants handed over themselves to the Afghan forces in the Achin district.

The statement further added that the ISIS militants also handed over the family members of themselves and their comrades to the Afghan forces, including 13 women and 22 children.

Citing the 201st Silab Corps authorities in the East, the provincial government said the Afghan forces have significantly suppressed the terror group in Nangarhar, forcing the militants of the terror group to surrender.

The Afghan army authorities have said the Afghan forces would continue their operations until they fully clear Nangarhar of ISSI militants.

This comes as the Ministry of Defense on Wednesday announced that more than 120 ISIS militants and their family members surrendered to the Afghan forces in Nangarhar, days after dozens of militants of the terror group surrendered in this province.