Newsweek reports that the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has said it was carefully following the events of an explosive situation amid protests and riots in Kazakhstan that have prompted an intervention from Russia and its allies.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Fazilrabi Zahin reportedly published a statement Thursday saying the administration is "closely monitoring the situation in Kazakhstan and, as a close neighbor and economic partner state, is concerned about the recent unrest."

The ministry also "urges both the government and protestors to resolve issues through talks and peaceful means, and to return calm and stability to the country."

The statement was shared on Twitter by spokesperson Abdul Qahar Balkhi, who added that "the Islamic Emirate considers security & political stability in the region essential for economic growth, trade & prosperity of peoples."

High-profile Taliban member Al-Hanafi Wardak reportedly called the issue "an internal matter of Kazakhstan" and echoed the Foreign Ministry's message.

"The Islamic Emirate hopes for stability and security in the region," Wardak told Newsweek.  "And it is concerned about the recent unrest in Kazakhstan, first because it is not in Kazakhstan's favor and then it also hinders the security, development, economic growth and trade activities of the region."

Wardak said he saw diplomacy as the most important asset that countries in the region could offer Kazakhstan at the moment.

"In my opinion, before foreign intervention, the Kazakhstan government and the protesters must end the ongoing unrest through dialogue.  External interference will further complicate the situation," Wardak said.  "It is hoped that other countries will also support internal dialogue to end this unrest."

He said Russia and other regional countries should play a role in calming the situation by supporting talks among domestic forces within Kazakhstan.