TOLOnews says the National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA) is planning to a launch nationwide census, saying that there is no exact information about the populations living in Afghanistan. 

“We have finalized a draft and presented it to the cabinet.  We are looking for support and the means to conduct the census.  Maybe the foreign donors will help, then we will launch the census,” Faqir Mohammad Ziar, head of the NSIA, was quoted as saying by TOLOnews

The NSIA says some technical equipment related to the national electronic identity cards was looted during the collapse of the former government.

The electronic identity cards are being issued in 19 out of 34 provinces currently, according to TOLOnews

Besides, the NSIA is reportedly expected to use new technological systems to map the number of mines across the country.  

Ziar said that will be some changes in the design of the national electronic identity cards, including the name of the Islamic Emirate. 

“The national electronic identity cards are being issued in Kabul and 18 other provinces,” Ziar told TOLOnews

The NSIA, however, pledged that efforts are underway to extend the distribution of national electronic identity cards.

Over six million people have received the electronic identity cards, according to the NSIA. 

TOLOnews says that based on statistics of some international organizations, the current population in Afghanistan is around 36 million. 

Meanwhile, experts note that in the whole of modern Afghan history there has never been a census that could be regarded as remotely reliable.