After the massive aerial strike launched by Iran on Israel directly from its soil, there are claims that Tehran also employed hypersonic missiles that allegedly hit all its designated targets, bypassing Israel’s cutting-edge air defense systems.

The EurAsian Times reports that Iran’s state news agency Press TV claimed a day after the overnight attacks launched by Tehran that every hypersonic missile fired by Iran in retaliatory strikes against Israel has successfully struck its targets after dodging the air defense systems of the country.

The report stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran used hypersonic weapons against real targets for the first time when it launched massive missile and drone strikes on what it called “occupied territory.”

The strikes, dubbed Operation True Promise, were carried out by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and inflicted damage on Israeli military bases.

Press TV was reportedly informed by sources that none of Iran’s hypersonic missiles were intercepted by the Israeli regime or its allies.  However, the reports stopped short of naming the hypersonic missiles in question.  The sources further underlined that Iran is one of the few nations with the technology to develop hypersonic missiles, which can strike targets precisely while traveling at astounding speeds.

The EurAsian Times notes that the claims about the use of hypersonic weapons could not be independently.  When asked whether Iran actually used a hypersonic missile, a Middle-East expert told The EurAsian Times, “They seem to have meant Kheibar Shekan (ballistic missile) when they said hypersonic.”