An additional train has been launched on the Tashkent-Moscow-Tashkent rail route, according to

The additional train was reportedly launched on December 14 and it will pass via Karakalpakstan station, which is Northern Railway Gate of Uzbekistan.

The train will stop at the railway stations of Samarqand, Navoi, Bukhara and Nukus.

The new train on the Tashkent-Moscow-Tashkent rail route will be operated once a week, departing from the Uzbek capital every Friday.

The Uzbekistan Railways (Oʻzbekiston Temir Yoʻllari) is the national rail carrier of Uzbekistan.  The company owns and operates all railways within the country.  It is a state-owned stock company, formed in 1994 to operate railways within Uzbekistan.  As of March 2017, the total length of its main railway network is 4,669 kilometers (2,446 kilometers of which is electrified).  It reportedly employs 54,700 people.