Uzbek officials say 3,000 foreign IT specialists have come to Uzbekistan since the start of the year.

Many thousands of Russian and Belarusian nationals have reportedly fled their countries since February 24 amid a rapidly worsening political climate and over widespread revulsion at the Russia’s decision to launch the so-called “special military operation in Ukraine.  The largest numbers appeared to have headed for countries like Armenia, Georgia and Turkey, but Central Asian nations too appear eager to take advantage of the trend, according to Eurasianet.

Uzbekistan’s news agency reported on March 14 that Uzbekistan will begin issuing expedited work visas for foreign investors in the IT sector starting from April 1.

It is a sign that Uzbekistan hopes to draw talent away from Russia and Belarus, which are currently enduring a major brain drain due to the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

According to, the cost of an IT-visa issued at the recommendation of the IT-Park is expected to be 14 BCAs (currently 3 million 780 thousand soums).

Foreign citizens who have received an IT-visa have the right to freely enter and leave Uzbekistan during the visa period, to be in all regions of the country without re-registration, as well as to use education and health services on the conditions provided for citizens of Uzbekistan.

Relatives of foreign specialists who have received an IT-visa will be issued a “guest visa” for the same period as the visa.