The Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law (KIBHR) said on December 5 that a court in the western city of Atyrau had ruled to shut down the local Slava Ukraini (Glory to Ukraine) charity foundation that provided humanitarian and financial assistance to the war victims in Ukraine.

The foundation, registered in early August, was reportedly liquidated at the request of the Justice Ministry of Kazakhstan.

The foundation's leader, Turarbek Kusainov, told KIBHR that the court's ruling was political and most likely made under pressure from Russia.

BNN says the ‘Slava Ukraini’ foundation has been under investigation over its operations and the legality of its actions within Kazakhstan.

Since its inception, the foundation has reportedly been a subject of intense scrutiny.  The foundation’s activities, aimed at providing support to Ukraine, were deemed to be in violation of Kazakhstan’s legal regulations. The Ministry of Justice’s lawsuit brought these issues to the forefront, leading to a comprehensive examination of the fund’s operations.

BNN stresses that the court’s ruling has significant implications, mandating the immediate cessation of all activities by the ‘Slava Ukraini’ foundation and its formal liquidation.  This judicial decision has reportedly not only terminated a major support foundation for Ukraine but also set a precedent for the role and functioning of non-profit organizations in Kazakhstan.