DUSHANBE, June 7, Asia-Plus -- Kazakhstan’s “Eurasia+ORT” has tuned down a proposal by Tajik Committee for TV and Radio-broadcasting about postponement of payment for broadcasting the Soccer World Cup in Tajikistan to the first quarter of 2007.  

The source being closed to the “Eurasia+ORT” company has told Asia-Plus that it means that most likely, Tajik soccer fans will not have an opportunity to watch the World Cup matches.  

“If any company in Tajikistan broadcasts the championship, such a broadcast will be considered illegal,” said the Asia-Plus interlocutor, “In any case, “Eurasia+ORT” intends to strictly dispute its positions.” 

The source noted that for the purpose of protecting its exclusive right of broadcasting the championship in the Central Asian region  “Eurasia+ORT” would carry out monitoring in Tajikistan.