KHOROG, January 31, 2011, Asia-Plus  -- GBAO governor Qodir Qosim met with local athletes and representatives from local sports organizations on January 29 to discuss issues rated to development of sports in the region.

Speaking at the meeting, the governor noted that more than 280,000 somoni were earmarked this year for development of sports in the region, which was more than 80,000 somoni more than in 2010.  According to him, the region has enough capacities for development of sports and physical training.

“There are some 30 school and pubic gyms and dozens of sports grounds in Gorno Badakhshan,” said Qosim, “Every district administrative center and the city of Khorog have stadiums and children’s sports schools.”

Over the past three years, athletes from Gorno Badakhshan have participated in more than 700 sports events, including 73 republican and 33 international competitions.  In 2010 alone, the GBAO athletes won 32 gold, 22 silver and 31 bronze medals.

In the meantime, 28 of school and public gyms are currently in a very poor state and local stadiums and sports grounds do not have enough sports goods, the governor noted.  Many schools in the region are experiencing shortage of the physical training teachers.  21 schools in the region now do have physical training lessons at all.