DUSHANBE , January 25, Asia-Plus - Upon implementation of the Sangtuda-2 project, the proprietorship of Sangtuda-2 hydropower plant will be transferred to Tajikistan in 12.5 years after the station is put into operation, Tajik Energy Minister, Jurabek Nurmahmadov, told journalists on January 25.  

Under protocol signed in Dushanbe in January last year Iran will complete the construction of Sangtuda-2 station in Tajikistan, Nurmahmadov said.  “The Iranian side will exploit the station during more than 12 years and thereby it will return its relevant expenses and turnover,” the minister said, noting that Iran is investing 180 million U.S. dollars in this project.  

Nurmahmadov also noted that during the last visit of the Tajik president to Iran an agreement on the construction of electric main from Tajikistan via Afghanistan to Iran had been signed.  

As it had been reported earlier, on June 11, 2005 , Tajik Energy Minister, Jurabek Nurmahmadov and his Iranian counterpart, Habibullah Bitaraf, signed in Tehran a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Sungtuda-2 power plant.  The dam and power station will cost US$220 million in total, of which 180 million dollars will be financed by Iran under a 10-year loan with a five-percent interest rate.  In addition, US$40 million will be extended by Tajikistan.