DUSHANBE , February 1, Asia -Plus - Tajikistan ’s Democratic (DPT), Social-Democratic (SDPT) and Socialist (SPT -- Mirhusein Narziyev’s wing) have released a joint statement naming rise in gas and fixed-line communication prices “incorrect and unfair move.” 

“Over the past seven years, despite an increase in the monthly minimum wage from 7.00 to 12.00 Somonis, it [wage] is not enough for paying for communal services (natural gas and electricity) and now for the fixed-line communication as well,” says the statement, “And the communal services’ payments continue increasing.  No country across the world has such an unfair attitude to the population.”

DPT, SDPT and SPT stressing that according to the Constitution, Tajikistan is a social state, note that sudden spike in gas and fixed-line communication prices may cause social tensions and lead to instability.  

“Wage of the country’s population is determined by standards of Tajikistan , you know,” says the statement, “While the communal services’ prices are set by the European standards.”  “We apply to the country’s leadership and relevant structures with solicitation to regulate a system of tariffing the mentioned services with regard to social state of the population of the republic,” the statement said.  

We will recall that since the beginning of the year, the public has paid for natural gas at the rate of 250.00 Somonis per 1,000 cubic meters, and beginning from today, payment by the minute for the fixed-line communication amounts to 0.02 Somoni against the previous 0.01 Somoni.