DUSHANBE, February 1, Asia-Plus -- During last year, deposits if the population in Amonatbonk increased by 7.8 million Somonis and as of January 1 2006 they have amounted to 14.6 million Somonis, the Amonatbonk head Mahmadamin Mahmadaminov told briefing on Tuesday [January 31].  

“For the purpose of making the bank more attractive for the population we have announced the last quarter of 2005 “the quarter for attracting deposits,” top manager of the Tajik savings bank said, noting that due to this policy in the fourth quarter of last year alone, a total volume of the population’s funds deposited in Amonatbonk exceeded 3million Somonis.  

Mr. Mahmadaminov noted that to date, more than 5,000 enterprises and organizations of different forms of property and some 111,000 physical entities have been clients of the bank.

Besides, “Amonatbonk” has been serving more 500,000 pensioners in Tajikistan, according to Mr. Mahmadaminov.  According to him, they last year paid a special attention to introduction of a new mechanism of paying pensions that prevents any abuses.