DUSHANBE, February 15, Asia-Plus  -- In 2005, Tajikistan exported tinned goods for more than US$6 million, Asia-Plus has learned at Tajikistan’s Universal Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange.  

The source has told Asia-Plus that Tajik tinned goods were mainly exported to the CIS states.   In connection with increasing demand for this output, prices of the exported tinned goods are expected to have increased by the end of February, according to the source.    

“If last year, tinned apricots were exported from the country on average at the rate of US$0.45 per can, this year, the price of one can of tinned apricots will have risen to US$0.50-US$055,” the Asia-Plus interlocutor said, adding that mainly apple, apricot and peach juices are a great success in the CIS states.    

Compared to export prices domestic prices of tinned goods in Tajikistan are nearly twice as high. 

As far Tajik exported yarn is concerned, the price one kilogram of the exported Tajik yarn will rise by US$0.10 and will amount to US$1.50 in late February.  According to local experts, it is also connected with increasing demand for this output abroad.       

According to figures provided by the Universal Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange’s administration, 457 stock-exchange auctions on tinned goods, yarn, leather, tobacco and ferrous-metal wares for a total amount of US$21.79 million were held in the republic last year.