DUSHANBE , February 15, Asia-Plus - Tajikistan ’s ministry of health has worked out a national program for combating diabetes for the period of 2006-2015 and will submit it for consideration to the government in near future.  

According to the Health Ministry’s press service, number of cases of diabetes in Tajikistan has shown upward tendency since 2000.  According to official data, 13,300 diabetics have to date been registered in the republic.  Of them, 358 are minors.  But the real number of diabetics in the republic may be higher, because many people with signs of diabetes do not undergo medical examination.      

The programs aims to improve living standards of diabetics, continue work on raising diabetes awareness among the populations, raise professionalism of doctors and nurses, develop physical training among people suffering from diabetes, and propagate healthy lifestyle.

According to the source, they are currently studying the real diabetes situation in the republic in order to set up a computer database.    

 At present more than 80 doctors-endocrinologists are working with the republican center for endocrinology, its branches in the regions and hospitals.  But this number of medical workers is not enough to combat the disease.

The program is planned to be implemented under support of WHO, UNICEF, “HOPE” Project and other organizations.