DUSHANBE, March 10, Asia-Plus -- The government and leadership of Tajikistan are undertaking effective measures to prevent drug smuggling into Tajikistan and drug transit via Tajikistan, Mr. Vladimir Sotirov, Head of the UN Tajikistan Office of Peace-Building and Representative of UN Secretary General, remarked at a news conference in Dushanbe on March 10.  

As it had been reported earlier, Tajikistan ’s Drug Control Agency Friday [March 10] hosted a press conference dedicated to presentation of the Annual Report by the UN International Drug Control Committee on the drug situation in the world in 2005. 

“Of course, the international community had a certain doubt that a difficult period may ensure when Russian border troops withdraw from the Tajik-Afghan border,” said Mr. Sotirov, “But despite certain problems in the course of the transition, the control of border did not deteriorate that was mentioned by the international community that, for its part, decided to participate more actively in strengthening of this stretch of the border, and funds have already been provided for these purposes”

The UNTOP head noted that it was positive that Tajikistan did not strive for resolving the drug trafficking problem independently and closely cooperated with Afghan special services and considerable results had been yielded in that direction.    

Mr. Sotirov stressed that the United Nations hailed this approach and has provided thoroughly assistance “because drug trafficking has network throughout the world and only combined efforts of all states may address this threat.”  

“We are ready to support efforts of Tajikistan ’s leadership and the Drug Control Agency to fight drug trafficking in future as well,” Mr. Sotirov said.