DUSAHNBE, April 10, Asia-Plus - Akbar Khojayev, head of the Dushanbe Anti-Monopoly Agency, claims that increase in fares will improve quality of transportation service.  

“We have taken into account the situation with the public transport in the capital city and agreed to increase in the public transport fares in Dushanbe ,” Khojayev said speaking to journalists in Dushanbe on April 7.   

“I doubt that fare of 0.30 Somoni could suit drivers of the fixed-route taxies,” he said, noting that because of such a fare drivers had picked passengers in excess, 20 or even more.

“If relevant bodies such as tax officers and others approach drivers more strictly we will feel what real tariff should be,” Akbar Khojayev said.   

At the same time, he pointed to the necessity of resolving other problems to improve quality of the transportation service in Dushanbe .  

In this connection, Deputy Dushanbe Mayor, Abdukarim Abdurrahmonov, noted that they intended to introduce ticket system on the city public transport within the next one or two months.