DUSHANBE, May 17, Asia-Plus -- Tajikistan comes out for further development of shipment of cargoes by rail transportation between the CIS and Baltics states, Vladimir Sobkalov, first deputy head of Tajikistan’s Railways, remarked at a session of member nations of the Organization for Cooperation of Railways (OSZhD) that opened in Dushanbe on May 16.  

“The rail cargo turnover of Tajikistan with Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan annually amounts to some 4.4 million U.S. dollars,” Sobkalov said.  Telling the meeting, the Tajik Railways official noted that their enterprise receives only US$11,000 from aluminum shipments, which is 1.15 percent of sum paid by consignor of goods.  “The remaining funds for tariff are taken by transit railways,” Sobkalov said, noting that Tajik shipments bring in considerable revenues to all railways’ administration along the line.