DUSHANBE, August 9, Asia-Plus -- The board of the organization of Tajikistan’s Democratic Party (DPT) for Dushanbe has considered it necessary to prepare an alternative list to determine an exact number of voters in the Tajik capital.   

Mr. Rajab Mirzo, the head of the DPT organization for Dushanbe, has told Asia-Plus that the decision was made at a meeting of the organization’s board on August 8.   According to him, they have decided to prepare the alternative list of voters in Dushanbe “because they make doubt about existence of information about the exact number of the population of the capital city and the population of the country as a whole.”

“Of course, very few time remains until the presidential election in the country, and our organization is not able to do this work alone,” said Mr. Rajab Mirzo, “Proceeding from this, we have decided to enlist services of the mayor’s office and other political parties to tackle this problem.”  

“Therefore we have decided to reach an agreement with organizations of other political parties in Dushanbe on this issue,” the head of the DPT organization for Dushanbe noted.  

Besides, the board of the DPT organization for Dushanbe has decided to field their candidates in the elections to the Dushanbe legislature (Majlis) in two constituencies, deputies from which left the legislature, according to Rajab Mirzo.