KHUJAND, September 26, Asia-Plus -- Members of political parties in the northern province of Sughd will study English and learn how to operate computers and work with the internet. 

”It is part of a project to establish an internet club for political parties,”  project manager Fotima Ahmadova said. 

She said the eight-month project is designed to support the development of a  multi-party system in Tajikistan.  ”The project will also promote political, linguistic and computer literacy among ordinary members of political parties,” said Ahmadova, “We plan a web site to be used by political parties for exchanging views on issues.” English and computer skills courses will also be offered.

Ahmadova said the courses will be conducted at the IATP centers in Khujand.  The project will managed by the Center for Democratic Reforms public association under support of the U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe and IREX, she said. 

The project also envisages holding roundtables and lectures on political science. 

An inaugural ceremony and the first lecture on political science were held in Khujand on September 24.