DUSHANBE, September 28, Asia-Plus - Tajikistan’s progress in the conduct of elections over the period of independence will be discussed at a meeting at the Kokhi Vahdat State Complex in Dushanbe on September 29. 

A source in the OSCE Center in Dushanbe said that the event, organized by the OSCE Center in cooperation with the Social Partnership Club, will bring together about 70 representatives of state authorities, political parties, NGOs, ethnic communities, international agencies and academic institutions.  Participants at the meeting will focus on the progress that Tajikistan has made in the conduct of elections since independence and suggest ways to further improve election process in the country.

Speakers at the event include Karomatullo Olimov, State Adviser to the Tajik President for Social Development and Public Relations, Andrey Shugurov, Deputy Head of the OSCE Center in Dushanbe, and Mirzoali Boltuyev, Head of the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda (CCER).

The event is part of an OSCE-supported project, a forum of dialogue between the authorities and the civil society, entitled the Social Partnership Club.