DUSAHNBE, October 6, Asia-Plus - Three other political parties – The Communist Party (CPT), Agrarian Party (APT) and Socialist (SPT) parties – have also managed to collect enough number of signatures needed to register their candidates at the central electoral commission. 

Abduali Abdulloyev, the member of the CPT Executive Committee, said that they had collected 185,000 signatures and sent the lists of signatures to the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda (CCER). 

According to the CCER, the APT has submitted to the central electoral commission lists of 175,000 signatures to register its leader as candidate for president.  “Socialists have submitted to the commission lists of 167,500 signatures to support their leader Abdhalim Ghafforov as candidate,” the source said.  

As far as the Democratic Party is concerned, they have to submit their lists of signatures enough to register their candidate for president to the central electoral commission by tomorrow evening, 6:00 p.m., which is the deadline for submitting lists of signatures. 

It is necessary to collect some 160,000 signatures needed to register as candidate.

The Peoples’ Democratic Party and the Party of Economic Reforms were the first to submit their lists of signatures to the CCER.